Finlay Park

Address: 930 Laurel Street, Columbia, SC 29201



Finlay Park

One of the best known parks in the state of South Carolina, Finlay has hosted just about everything from festivals and political rallies to road races and Easter Sunrise services.

Finlay Park is an oasis in the heart of downtown. You may have driven past it many times on Assembly Street and never known it was there. It has been the venue of choice for a number of events from festivals and political rallies to road races and Easter sunrise services.

This beautiful 18-acre park has had two lives. It was first dedicated in 1859 as Sidney Park, named in honor of Algernon Sidney Johnson, a Columbia city councilman. Sidney Park had a short life as the Civil War broke out soon after. The park fell into disrepair after the Civil War and served as a site for commercial ventures until the late 1900’s.

In 1990 the park was reopened and has become a beautiful gem in the downtown area, offering a green oasis in contrast to the glass, asphalt and concrete in the urban environment. It serves as the site for such events as Columbia Kids Day, Mayfest, The Summer Concert Series, Let’s Share, plus many more activities.

In 1992, the park was renamed Finlay Park, in honor of former Columbia Mayor Kirkman Finlay, whose vision to re-energize the area known as the Vista, between Main Street and the river, has been extremely successful. The beautiful site known as Sidney Park was converted to Finlay Park. A statue of Finlay has been placed in the park, showing him sitting on a bench.

Finlay has 2 playground areas, a man-made lake, waterfalls, a fountain, playing fields, a pergola with swings, and a snack bar that is open in the summer. This is one of the largest handicapped accessible parks in the country. The paved paths are also ideal for strollers. You can easily spend a whole day here with kids of any age.

The park is situated between the streets of Assembly, Taylor, Gadsden and Laurel and remains one of the treasures of Columbia. It is across the street from the Governor’s Mansion and has one of the most photographed views of downtown.

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